Who we are?

Flipsideview is the go to spot when you do not just want to know the story but the facts behind the popular view. People are quick to jump to conclusion by following the easy road of available and common opinions. In Flipsideview, we believe that, often, common opinions represent common as opposed to real facts. We therefore go behind the scene to bring out those other angles around any public issue that hold the real answers. Politics, religion, economics, education, health…….we explore all. However, more importantly, we challenge fake social media backstreet news by turning to the flipside of the popular views so as to dissect objectivity from subjectivity. We rank among the best in exposing fake free cloud news in instagram, whatsapp, facebook or wherever else they may emerge from.

Our hallmark is to inform to enable you form informed opinion. Ultimately, our underlying purpose is to hasten social change especially in African societies through logical, objective and brain guided reasoning as opposed to sentimental positioning based strictly on the dictates of hearts. However, while educating, we also entertain. Check us out.

Email: fsideview@gmail.com

Phone: +234-80-90791138.